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White Medal / Dommedagssalme split 7"

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White Medal / Dommedagssalme split 7"

Label description:

Long awaited split 7″ between two of Northern England’s most dedicated one-man Black Metal projects. From Yorkshire and Lancashire respectively, the shared heritage and vast grimness of the region is evident in the music. The ever elusive Dommedagssalme with their track “Restriction” is an ideal starting point to get to grips with the bands’ disturbing sound. An intense boiling and claustrophobic wall of melodic and powerful Black Metal art with lurid layers of dissonance and melancholy. White Medal’s “Til Kill” was recorded in the same session as both the track from the Ghost Kommando split and the Arcane North split. Expect raw and uncompromising Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal! Limited to 300 copies with glossy fold out covers.

7" EP

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