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Satanize (Por) - Apocalyptic Impious Command 12" LP

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Satanize (Por) - Apocalyptic Impious Command 12" LP

The last decade has witnessed the outburst of a plethora of Black Metal bands emanating from Portugal spearheaded by a vision of adherence to an upright Underground ethos, both musically and aesthetically. The coalescence of pivotal labels and imperatively genuine attitude of key individuals bounded a circle of names that sparked an aura of mystery and malignancy on a level of numinous devotion to the aphotic most sinister side of Black Metal.

Founded in 2001, one of the prominent acts roaring with such tenebrous hunger was Satanize. With a strikingly wrathful demeanor, this nefarious consecration paved its way in and above the deepest innards of the Underground with an assembly of releases that uniformly shared the sinister hindsight of close conspirators, both countrymen and from abroad (with which the band shared several releases), while at the same time providing a set of cards that steadily designed a path of its own.

Apocalyptic Impious Command is an utter testament to the band’s longevity and experience. This fourth full-length presents Satanize’s formula in absolute force with a barbaric massacre of devastating, intense Black Metal, crude and hateful yet displaying a certainty and demeanor of the highest order. Furiously enthralling drum stomps are intertwined with a barking roar of unholy curses of diabolical servitude, while the powerful riffing leaves no cross unturned with an exhibition of bone crushing six-string violation. Sonically perpetuating of the group’s conflagrating power, Apocalyptic Impious Command exhibits Satanize blazing throughout its own sonic vision, with a rare conjunction of caustic terror in parallel with skillful musicianship. A glimpse at the cover artwork hails the blasphemous spearing horror of the group’s concept while reminiscing the trace of one Thorncross, a reference that can be traced to the very lineage of bands that received the artists’ unholy penning such as Black Witchery, a horde that receives an interpretation as the sixth and last hymn of these 29 ravishing minutes.

Released by Altare Productions on limited vinyl, Apocalyptic Impious Command is Satanize’s crowning achievement, a nefarious Black Metal assault aimed to the utmost fanatical of worshippers.
(Text by Mário Souto)

180 gram vinyl with folded cover. Numbered edition.


BACK IN STOCK - copies received from the band - LAST COPY

12" LP

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