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Kawir (Gre) - Father Sun Mother Moon Gatefold DLP

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Kawir (Gre) - Father Sun Mother Moon Gatefold DLP

Old School Greek Black Metal, 2017 album. 

Recorded 9 Km away from the legendary Thermopylas and we tried to catch the original epic vibe that surrounds the ancient lands.

The title of the album "Father Sun - Mother Moon" symbolizes the circle of life.

A return to the ancient days when we were celebrating the male Sun deities at the longest nights of the year (winter solstice) and female Moon deities at the longest days of the year (summer solstice), at the full moons and at the nights when the silver light wasn't visible.

The two opposite edges of the cosmic pendulum of equilibrium where the eternal forces although in constant battle, co-exist and where in their everchanging balance the world is manifested.

The same world where we find ourselves into, for the life giving principles of light and darkness for the male and female forces that surround us, all honors due,



2x 12" LP

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