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Irae (Por) / Mors de Corpus (Aus) split LP

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Irae (Por) / Mors de Corpus (Aus) split LP

Label description:

Aussie & Lusitania madness gathered in a unique 12".

IRAE is back with 4 new tracks, a return to the dungeons itself, a manifest of the always present raw and devilish line of IRAE!

Irae is Vulturius, Vulturius is Irae!

After a widely distributed promo cassette back in 2017, Australian based duo is back! B.H & Old, the veterans from the highly prolific Perth scene bring us 3 new tracks of Raw Black Metal. Brutal and desolated as Western Australia can be!

Limited to 300 pieces, black wax with 350gms reverse side print, 3mm spine cardboard sleeves.

12" LP

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