Bosque - Cleansing LP

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Bosque - Cleansing LP

Limited to 100, handnumbered copies. 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Jacket, Xeroxed A4 Inlay, Poster in A2 Format

The path of BOSQUE guides you arround several places of loneliness and nothingness. With "Cleansing" BOSQUE brings you over the river of unknown destiny... Slow, deep-driven, yet bleak droning Doom will be the echo while the  boat bring you to the other side. An unknown place of your subsciouness. "Cleansing" goes back to the harsh roots of BOSQUE, 4 tracks of bleak drone-doom that let you dive into the river of the abyss or bring you over to the other (unknown) side, while a return back is impossible.


12" LP

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