Luminous Transfixion – Elevation Within the Mists of Naaltrah MC


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Under a cold moon, rising forth between the mists of the forest, Luminous Transfixion unveils their debut album, Elevation Within the Mists of Naaltrah. Rumors of the devastating wails and claustrophobic atmosphere conjured by Luminous Transfixion were first heard last year on their inaugural release through the mysterious Devil’s Coitus Productions. Having believed the rumors, Perished Soil pursued the source and vowed to further spread the plague that is Luminous Transfixion.
Elevation Within the Mists of Naaltrah is five uncompromising tracks of Raw Black Metal. Vicious riffs are the black heart of the album while walloping drums subdue all of those that dare to listen. Succumb to the tainted mist that is Luminous Transfixion.
Comes with a slipcase. European version (white shell cassette) by Altare Productions. American version available at Found Remains.
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