Hellmoon – Harrowing Domains LP


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Canadian Black Metal, released by His Wounds

The second album from this solo Canadian act. While this project adheres to the second wave blackened primitivism, it manages to go further than many projects are able to go. Unlike the previous album, it does not lose time on synth intros/outros, and sets itself on a pure rampage path. This record manages to create a claustrophobic and twisted madness, be it the insane guitar solos and also cool bass lines, the cacophony but also demented vocals, that are very elastic and able to hit a wide tone range. The percussion might not be the strongest points, but it is much better than before, more dynamic and also less intrusive, allowing to filter the various melodic layers. These are the obvious reasons that take this project far beyond many others and still showing a nice evolution from previous works.


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