Baxaxaxa – De Vermis Mysteriis CD


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Cult old school Black Metal. 2023 album, jewelcase CD with 16 page booklet


Label description:

De Vermis Mysteriis is a 42-minute journey that not only preserves that old flame Baxaxaxa lit with their esteemed 2021 debut album, Catacomb Cult, but delves much deeper inside their decades-old abyss. And so bearing zero connection to the modern world, the album throws you to a very dark, primordial place beyond time that is distinctively Baxaxaxa’s own. The seven tracks reek of death and obscurity with vicious vocals straight from beyond the grave, yet it feels genuinely fresh. From their trademark doomy and heavier passages to the more uptempo ones, Baxaxaxa’s Ancient Black Metal is soaked in mysteries, magick, and utmost possession. The old evil is present in every note. Fear the return!

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