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Turia (Ned) - "Dor" Digipak CD

Jewel Case CD
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Hailing from the ascendent Dutch black metal scene, Turia are a trio of exploratory alchemists who use black metal as a base foundation, respectfully but not exclusively so. Their visions are vast, and thus they weave compositions suitably expansive for such sights. Comprising four songs across 38 minutes, Dor is a heaving, hideous mass of infinitely resonating tones and forever-cyclic rhythms. The manner in which it pulses and more especially cascades suggests a celebratory aspect - but not "in celebration" of anything conventionally positive; rather, the three players are locked into each other's innermost energies and jointly seek transcendence through immersion and, successively, improvisation. (Text by Nathan Birk) 
CD version released in a 4 panel digipack, limited to 500. 


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Rating: Not Rated Yet